Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh
Summer Fellowships


The goal of the SURP program in Molecular Pharmacology is to offer undergraduate students interested in molecular pharmacology the opportunity for an exceptional research experience in a cutting-edge research facility. The research laboratory experience provides students with an enhanced understanding of the scientific process as well as hands-on experience in state-of- the- art techniques. The primary goal of the program is to guide and encourage the interests of highly motivated students considering the pursuit of an advanced degree in molecular pharmacology. 


Program Description

Under the guidance of experienced faculty members, students will participate in the ongoing research efforts of their host laboratory. During the ten week program, students will develop their knowledge of basic laboratory skills and experience the scientific process in action. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with other skilled research professionals and graduate students in the lab. In addition, students will participate in activities within the Molecular Pharmacology Program, including an Ethics Workshop, a bi-weekly lunchtime lecture series with selected faculty speakers who will introduce students to career opportunities in molecular pharmacology, lab meetings, weekly Graduate Student Summer Seminars showcasing current students’ research as well as selected social activities with other SURP fellows. The program will conclude with a colloquium where students will have the opportunity to present the results of their research.

Participating Faculty and SURP Program Details

For additional detailed information about the research focus of individual participating faculty members, please click on the faculty member’s name below. For overall SURP program details please click on Program Details link at the top of the page.


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