Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh
Receptor Pharmacology

Primary faculty who study Receptor Pharmacology (Click to see their detailed research profile)

Jonathan Beckel
Alessandro Bisello - Structure, signalling and trafficking of G-protein-coupled receptors. Role of EBP50 in vascular remodeling and role of GLP-1 in pancreatic beata cell function.
Donald DeFranco - Glucocorticoids and Neurodevelopment. Prostate cancer.
Peter Friedman - Parathyroid hormone receptor trafficking, regulation, signaling.
Yi Huang
Tija Jacob
Tatyana Mamonova
Guillermo Romero - Regulation of G-protein coupled receptor function by phospholipase D and PDZ proteins; molecular regulation of Wnt signaling. Signal Transduction mechanisms associated to the activation of cellular phospholipases.
Sanghamitra Sahoo
Jean-Pierre Vilardaga - Understanding molecular mechanisms of G protein-coupled receptor(GPCR) signalling and trafficking.
Kunhong Xiao
Cheng Zhang

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