Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh
Braulio Bonilla
Graduate Student Researcher

MS, Molecular and Cell Biology, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay, 2008
BS, Biological Sciences, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay, 2008

Funding Source
Fulbright Scholarship

Awards Received
Fulbright Scholarship

Faculty Mentor
Kara A. Bernstein, PhD
G.5C Hillman Cancer Center 5117 Centre Avenue
Photo of Braulio  Bonilla


I am interested in understanding how failure of the DNA repair mechanisms lead to genomic instability; specifically I try to elucidate the function of the Shu complex in in preventing mutagenesis.

Rojas JJ, Sampath P, Bonilla B, Ashley A, Hou W, Byrd D, Thorne SH.Manipulating TLR Signaling Increases the Anti-tumor T Cell Response Induced by Viral Cancer Therapies. Cell Rep. 2016 Apr 12;15(2):264-73. PMID:  27050526 PMCID: PMC4830920


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