Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh
Signal Transduction
The department is rich in research devoted to the analysis of signal transduction pathways and their role in normal physiological processes and disease. These include studies into the basic mechanisms of signaling by oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators, nitric oxide, steroids, parathyroid hormone, neurotransmitters, hypothalamic hormones, and rhodopsin. Various cell biological, forward and reverse genetic, molecular biological and biophysical approaches are used to dissect the molecular mechanisms utilized by intracellular mediators of signal transduction including cell surface receptors, nuclear receptors, caveolin, protein kinases, protein phosphatases and lipid kinases.

Primary faculty who study Signal Transduction (Click to see their detailed research profile)

Daniel Altschuler - G-protein signaling mechanisms in mitogenesis and oncogenesis
Alessandro Bisello - Structure, signalling and trafficking of G-protein-coupled receptors. Role of EBP50 in vascular remodeling and role of GLP-1 in pancreatic beata cell function.
Donald DeFranco - Glucocorticoids and Neurodevelopment. Prostate cancer.
Bruce Freeman - Cell Signaling; Redox Reactions
Peter Friedman - Parathyroid hormone receptor trafficking, regulation, signaling.
Ferruccio Galbiati - Signal transduction mechanisms in muscular dystrophy and ageing/cancer.
Jing Hu
Tija Jacob
Yu Jiang - Signaling mechanisms for cell growth control; Regulation of protein kinases and phosphatases
Jack Lancaster
Edwin Levitan - Neurotransmission, channels and signaling.
Carola Neumann
Patrick Pagano - Development of peptic, viral and small molecular inhibitors of NADPH oxidases and reactive species to assess NOX involvement in cardiovascular disease as well as to devise new therapies
Sanghamitra Sahoo
Sruti Shiva - The mechanisms by which reactive nitrogen species regulate mitochondrial function and signaling, particularly in conditions of hypoxia or ischemia.
Shivendra Singh - The Singh laboratory focuses on preclinical and clinical investigations of novel agents derived from dietary (eg, broccoli) and medicinal plants (eg, Withania somnifera) for chemoprevention of cancers.
Laura Stabile
Adam Straub - Redox signaling mechanisms in the microcirculation.
Jingshan Tong
Jean-Pierre Vilardaga - Understanding molecular mechanisms of G protein-coupled receptor(GPCR) signalling and trafficking.
Dario Vitturi
Man-Tzu Wang
Qiming Jane Wang - Targeting protein kinase D by small molecular inhibitors for cancer therapy; signaling mechanisms of protein kinase D in cancer.
Stacy Gelhaus Wendell
Kunhong Xiao
Cheng Zhang
Lin Zhang - Genetic basis of differential responses to anticancer drugs and mechanisms of drug-induced apoptosis.

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