Courtney Andersen studies the role of estrogen receptor-alpha in ovarian cancer.
Chris Barnes investigates the structural details by which transcription factor activity regulates RNA Polymerase II during the universal process of eukaryotic gene expression.
Matthew Hedberg uses whole exome sequencing of human tumors, paired with functional studies in preclinical models of HNSCC, to define the genetic alterations underlying this disease, and identify new therapeutic targets.
Soma Jobaggy studies nitrated fatty acid pharmacology and the antioxidant response in hypertensive end-organ damage.
Allison Nagle studies growth factor receptor signaling in breast cancer.
David Osei-Hwedieh studies how hemoglobin mutations such as sickle cell trait affect red blood cell storage integrity and post transfusion survival.
David Wheeler

Resident, Preliminary Internal Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA


Graduated: 2010
The PDZ adaptor protein, NHERF1, organizes and regulates protein complexes at the cell membrane


8/7/2015 9:00 AM Graduate Student Summer Seminar
Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Andrea Braganza and Anny Treat (Caceres)

9/22/2015 3:30 PM Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar Series
Thomas P. Burris, Ph.D.

9/29/2015 3:30 PM Pharmacology and Chemical Biology Seminar Series
Steven Little, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

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