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Pharmacology Journal Club

is held on selected Mondays during the Fall and Spring Terms in the Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Tower, Conference Room 1395 beginning at 8:30 am.


Announcements may also be found on:

 The Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Events Calendar

and on the electronic message board in the main hall on the 13th floor of BSTWR.



Previous Journal Clubs

8/22/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Atif Towheed

"Modulating endogenous mitochondrial protein expression in vivo using small non-coding RNAs"

8/15/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Kyle Knickelbein and Mark Weir

"Exploring the Role of KRAS Status in the Cell Death Response to Treatment Strategies in Colorectal Cancer" Kyle Knickelbein


"The FES protein tyrosine kinase as a therapeutic target in AML" Mark Weir

8/8/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Emily Harrington and Chen-Shan Woodcock

"Homomorphic Histone Variant HIST1H2BE and Endocrine Resistant Breast Cancer" Emily Harrington


"Therapeutic actions of electrophilic nitroalkenes via inhibition of the NFkB pathway in triple negative breast cancer" Chen-Shan Woodcock

7/25/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Noah Peyser and David Osei-Hwedieh
"Mutation or methylation of PTPRT as putative predictive biomarkers in HNSCC" 
                                                                    Noah Peyser


"Effect of silent hemoglobin mutations on red blood cell post transfusion survival"
                                                                               David Osei-Hwedieh

7/18/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Andrey Finegersh
"Ethanol-induced epigenetic modifications in a neuronal subtype of the ventral striatum"

7/11/2014- 9:00 AM : Graduate Student Summer Seminar presented by Anny Cáceres and Nyla Naim

 "The PDZ scaffolding protein NHERF1 regulates Wnt signaling"
Anny Cáceres


"Manipulating cAMP dynamics in thyroid cells"
Nyla Naim

6/27/2014- 9:00 AM : Kenneth Drombosky
"A Test of the Aggregation Hypothesis: An HD Phenotype in Flies Expressing a Mutated HTT Exon1-Q22 Engineered for Robust Aggregation"

6/20/2014- 9:00 AM : Matthew Hedberg
"Translating the Mutational Landscape of Metastasis and Recurrence in HNSCC"

6/13/2014- 9:00 AM : Courtney Andersen
"Understanding endocrine response in serous ovarian carcinoma"

6/6/2014- 9:00 AM : Christopher Barnes
"Structure determination of RNA Polymerase II complexes: novel techniques for modern day challenges"

5/30/2014- 9:00 AM : Andrea Braganza
"UBE3B: does it play a role in mitochondrial stress?"

5/12/2014- 8:30 AM : David Osei-Hwedieh
"Role of spinal GABAA receptors in pudendal inhibition of nociceptive and nonnociceptive bladder reflexes in cats"

4/7/2014- 8:30 AM : Anny Cáceres
"CNIH4 Interacts with Newly Synthesized GPCR and Controls Their Export from the Endoplasmic Reticulum"

3/31/2014- 8:30 AM : Christopher Barnes
"Growth Arrest by the Antitumor Steroidal Lactone Withaferin A in Human Breast Cancer Cells Is Associated with Down-regulation and Covalent Binding at Cysteine 303 of β-Tubulin"

3/24/2014- 8:30 AM : Kyle Knickelbein
"A Transcription Elongation Factor That Links Signals from the Reproductive System to Lifespan Extension in Caenorhabditis elegans"

3/6/2014- 3:30 PM : Dr. Amy Furda Romesburg
"Becoming a Master Educator, the Ins, Outs and Milestones along the way"

3/3/2014- 8:30 AM : Matthew Hedberg
"Effector Kinase Coupling Enables High-Throughput Screens for Direct HIV-1 Nef Antagonists with Antiretroviral Activity"

2/10/2014- 8:30 AM : Noah Peyser
"Estrogen represses gene expression through reconfiguring chromatin structures"

1/27/2014- 8:30 AM : Chen-Shan Woodcock
"The Thiazide-sensitive NaCl Cotransporter is Targeted for Chaperone-dependent Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Degradation "

1/13/2014- 8:30 AM : Kenneth Drombosky
"Inhibiting the nucleation of amyloid structure in a huntingtin fragment by targeting alpha-helix-rich oligomeric intermediates"
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