Levitan Lab

The Levitan lab studies the cell biology of neurons with a focus on neuropeptides and dopamine. Cutting edge fluorescence imaging in vivo and ex vivo (e.g. in Drosophila and rodent brain slices) with confocal and two-photon microscopes is combined with genetics, electrophysiology and electrochemistry.  Current projects include determining how signaling and injury control vesicle traffic and exocytosis in synapses, the role of vesicular antipsychotic drugs in regulating dopamine transmission and recently discovered redox communication between neuronal organelles.

Dinara Bulgari, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Markus K. Klose, PhD
Research Instructor

Edwin S. Levitan, PhD
Professor & Vice Chair for Research Operations

Dinara Bulgari, PhD

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Edwin S. Levitan, PhD

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