Schopfer Lab

Tha Schopfer Lab studies the role of bioactive fatty acids in physiology and pathology. Using cutting edge mass spectrometry-based lipidomic approaches we identified novel signaling lipids in vivo. Using cellular and animal models we investigate the biological and biochemical activity of these compounds. Among the fatty acids we discovered, we focus our investigation on nitrated and furan fatty acids. Nitrated fatty acids are potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant endogenous fatty acids that we validated in preclinical animal models successfully moved to Phase I and II clinical trials. Furan fatty acids are an important and neglected component of fish oils and we investigate their signaling activities. Overall, to further support our early discovery efforts and pharmacological developments, we use organic synthesis, isotopically labeled standards, pharmacokinetic evaluations, formulation development and pharmacodynamics approaches. 

Sonia Salvatore
Research III

Francisco J. Schopfer, PhD
Associate Professor & Vice Chair for Biotechnology Development

Francisco J. Schopfer, PhD

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