Program Achievements

The Pharmacology Program has received T32 funding for 25 consecutive years and recently was awarded 5 additional years of funding: T32GM133332.

Molecular Pharmacology Graduate Program Ranked #2 in National Research Council Rankings


Time to dissertation Defense
, last five graduating classes:  4.6 years, Completion Rate: 86.49%

First Author Publications (All students, past 5 year mean):  2.03;   Total Publications: 5.10

F-series Grants (F30/F31) (All Students, past 5 year mean):  12/34 (35%) 

Ranked #6 in National of Institute of Health funding of departments of Pharmacology

Ranked in the top 15 in funding for twenty-two consecutive years

Student News

Student Awards

Graduate Student Nicole Kaminski Receives NIH Predoctoral Fellowship
Graduate Student Angela Hinchie Receives NIH Predoctoral Fellowship


Molecular Pharmacology Journal Club
Nicole Colussi
Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
1395 Conference Room

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