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Pascal Rowart, PhD

Research Instructor
E1316 Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-624-5853
Fax: 412-648-2229


BS (Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sciences), University of Liège, Belgium, 2011

MS (Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sciences, Neurosciences), University of Liège, Belgium, 2014

PhD (Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sciences, Renal physiology), University of Liège, Belgium, 2018
Headshot of Pascal Rowart, PhD
Metabolic syndrome is a multifactorial disease that affects more than 35% of the world’s population and is associated with comorbidities including heart disease and cardiovascular dysfunction thus reducing life expectancy and quality. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by increased plasma levels of cholesterol, triglycerides (TG), insulin resistance, hypertension, an increased inflammatory state, and risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) events. Fish oil (FO) derived omega-3 (ω-3) have been shown to be protective and are used in the clinic to reduce circulating triglycerides, reduce the risk of adverse cardiovascular events and plaque formation.
To characterize potential bioactive metabolites of ω-3 treatments involved in these beneficial effects, We assessed samples from two clinical trials involving healthy human volunteers receiving the ω-3 FA prescription drug Lovaza using untargeted metabolomic approaches. To our surprise, we found elevated levels of circulating and urinary metabolites (CMPF) of furan FA (FuFA). FuFA are a ubiquitous class of FA mainly found in FO, making up to 3% of total FA. 

Figure 1

I study the effect of FuFA on metabolic syndrome, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and diabetes. I am using new drug based on fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids to prevent metabolic syndrome, obesity-related cardiovascular disease, and hypertriglyceridemia.
Finally, I am working on another project related with nitrated fatty acids (NO2-FA) which are electrophilic molecules present in plants, animals, and humans that form during digestion and inflammation and display pleiotropic signaling activities. A unique pharmacokinetic profile is expected for NO2-FA because of an ability to undergo reversible reactions including Michael addition with cysteine-containing proteins and esterification into complex lipids. The signaling actions of NO2-FA have been extensively studied, but their detection and characterization lagged. We are aiming at understanding their mode of action using in vivo and in vitro models.

Journal Articles

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