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Fabliha Chowdhury

Graduate Student Researcher
Headshot of Fabliha Chowdhury

Journal Articles

Wu L, Li X, Lin Q, Chowdhury F, Mazumder MH, Du W. (2020). FANCD2 and HES1suppress inflammation-induced PPAR? to prevent haematopoietic stem cell exhaustion. Br J Haematol. doi: 10.1111/bjh.17230. PMID: 33222180.
Lin, Q., Wu, L., Ma, Z., Chowdhury, F. A., Mazumder, H. H., & Du, W. (2020). Persistent DNA damage-induced NLRP12 improves hematopoietic stem cell function. JCI Insight, 5(10). PMID: 32434992.
Wu, L., Lin, Q., Ma, Z., Chowdhury, F. A., Mazumder, M. H. H., & Du, W. (2020). Mesenchymal PGD2 activates an ILC2-Treg axis to promote proliferation of normal and malignant HSPCs. Leukemia. PMID: 32366935
Ma, Z., Xu, J., Wu, L., Wang, J., Lin, Q., Chowdhury, F. A., Du, W. (2020). Hes1 deficiency causes hematopoietic stem cell exhaustion. Stem Cells. PMID: 32129527