Richard Steinman, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine

Molecular controls of normal hematopoiesis and leukemogenisis; coupling of cell cycle and differentation control. Investigation of p-53 like molecules and cell cycle regulation in leukemogenesis and in stem cells.

2.18 Hillman Cancer Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-623-3237
Fax: 412-623-7778


B.S. (Chemistry), Haverford College, 1978. M.D. (Medicine), University of Pennsylvania, 1987. Ph.D. (Biochemistry), University of Pennsylvania, 1988.
Richard Steinman, MD

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Graduate Student Summer Seminar
Presented by Ana Gorelova and Nick Todd
Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
1395 Conference Room

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Program Achievements

Molecular Pharmacology Graduate Program Ranked #2 in National Research Council Rankings


Time to dissertation Defense
, last five graduating classes:  4.6 years, Completion Rate: 86.49%

First Author Publications (All students, past 5 year mean):  2.03;   Total Publications: 5.10

F-series Grants (F30/F31) (All Students, past 5 year mean):  12/34 (35%) 

Ranked #9 in National of Institute of Health funding of departments of Pharmacology

Ranked in the top 15 in funding for twenty-four consecutive years